Ahmed Alaa

Visual Artist based in Cairo, Egypt

Exhibition Portfolio

"African Festival"

2021, Lamasatt Art Gallery

"South Of Imagination"

2022, Italian Center of Culture in Egypt

"School Gallery"

2018, Cambridge Egypt School

"A Gamer's Zone"

2015, B-Art Gallery

"Dodo's Cars"

2004, Cairo Atelier

Personal Profile

The Journey

Ahmed Alaa Lotfy was born in 2001 in Cairo, Egypt.
Currently a Student at Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University
World's YOUNGEST artist to hold up a SOLO exhibition.
Ahmed's relationship with the paintbrush started at the very young age of 3. As soon as he could hold a pencil upright against a blank paper. Ahmed began mimicking his parents who are also artists. And drew everything he admired.
In 2005, Ahmed had a fascination for cars. Which would mark the birth of his first Exhibition (Dodo's Cars) making him the youngest artist in the world to host an art exhibition at the age of only 3 years old.

Dodo's Cars (2005)

Ahmed continued to paint and participate in exhibitions in various galleries all over Cairo throughout the Decade. Last one being

A Gamer's Zone (2015)

Throughout the next decade, Ahmed would continue to participate in various exhibitions all over the capital. Improving his skill day by day.
Following his Ritual, in 2015, Ahmed would theme his new exhibition after what he loves the most, which at that period of his life was video games. (A Gamer's Zone) which was influenced by his hours spent online playing various Xbox 360 games with his friends from many different continents around the globe.

Solo Exhibitions:

• 2005, “Dodo’s Cars” Solo Expose, Paintings and Illustrations, Cairo atelier, Downtown Cairo, Egypt.

• 2015, “A Gamer’s Zone” Solo Expose, Paintings and Illustrations, B-Art Gallery, Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt.

Group Exhibitions:

• 2006, “Families” Group exhibition, Paintings, New Cairo atelier, Cairo, Egypt.

• 2006, “Hot summer colours”, Paintings, New Cairo atelier, Cairo, Egypt.

• 2008, “Salon gallery art fair”, Paintings, Palace of art, Cairo Opera house, Cairo, Egypt.

• 2009, “Happy birthday”, Paintings, Nashwa & Rasha art gallery project, Portrait hall, Cairo, Egypt.

• 2021, “African Festival”, Illustrations, Lamasatt Art Gallery, Downtown Cairo, Egypt.

• Participation in every year's "Official School Gallery" at Egypt Integrated Schools.


• 2006, "Art Sawa", Townhouse Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt.

• 2008, "New Cairo Atelier workshop", 1st Settlement, Cairo, Egypt.

• 2022, “South of Imagination Project by Valerio Rocco Orlando”, Italian Center of Culture in Egypt.